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Acoustic Questions Answered…

Question: What types of noise control products do you carry?

Answer: All Noise Control carries a wide line of acoustical products. Our products correct one of two basic acoustic problems, noise absorption or sound transmission control.

Noise absorption is needed when there is too much echo or sound reverberation in the room. In these cases ANC-3000, ANC 600, or ANC AB2 are commonly used to help control noise reverberation.

Sound transmission control is needed when the goal is to stop noise from entering or exiting a room. These products are also used to enclose loud machinery with high DB recordings. The core products that stop noise transmission are our ANC-VB60 and ANC- VB62. This product can be combined with many of our other products to suit any noise control need within any market (Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing & Warehousing, Placnts & Facilities, Instutional, Medical Facilities and a wide array of other markets. Some combination materials are ANC-3500, ANC-CB22, ANC-AB1 and all composite configurations. Keep in mind that all of the All Noise Control product are flexible. A technician may suggest another option that better suits your situation. Those listed above are not the only products used in noise absorption, simply the most common.

Question: How do you determine which product is right?

Answer: With over 30 years experience in noise control solutions, our experienced technicians can help asses your needs and provide the appropriate products for your application through a phone consultation. For projects that may be more involved or complex, they may ask for measurements and other pertinent information so our noise control technicians can set to work on solving your sound issues.. So we can best serve you please have your room measurements width, height and length ready for the technician. Our staff can guide you to the products, quantities, and installation to best fits your situation. Feel free to call us at 561-964-9360 to speak to a technician immediately.

Question: How well does your product reduce noise?

Answer: Our noise control products are lab tested and fully accredited for their specific function. Ask a technician about specifications on any of our noise control products and materials.

In products manufactured to stop sound transmission you may see a range of 4 to 40 dB loss. Did you know that there is a 50% drop in sound pressure for every 3 dB dropped? Our blanket, barriers, and composite material maximize dB loss.

All Noise Control products designed for noise absorption will absorb from 50% to 80% of the reverberation from your room. We sell high end acoustical products that maintain high Noise Reduction Coefficient levels. All of our products meet or exceed .85 NRC rating up to 1.45 NRC. Our wall panels, baffles, ceiling tiles, HVAC/Mechanical products and foams help to reduce sound reverberation.

Question: What is the cost range for your products?

Answer: Unfortunately there is no average answer as the solutions, problems and individual noise control issues vary so widely. Additional, costs will vary depending on ordering stock acoustic products or custom products as well as finishes, edges, hardware or adhesives needed. Lastly volume and quantity will be a price factor as we cator to small and large volume orders. Other pricing factors are weight of product, labor to manufacture, availability and many others.

Besides the products themselves, the solutions and application determine the quantity, product and combination of noise control products used. However, if you call us and discuss your project with one of our technicians they can help you determine an adequate budget or work within your specified budget to offer you the best soundproofing solution which meets both your acoustical and budget needs. You can call our technicians to provide you a fair, accurate and competitive price quote today!

Question: How do I install All Noise Control products?

Answer: All of our products, noise barriers, noise absorbents and composites, can all be installed very easily. The majority of these can be installed by an average person, not necessarily a contractor. Your particular acoustic solution may be installed during new construction, renovations or retrofit into finished areas and rooms. All Noise Control can provide you with the optimum installation instructions for all of our products as well as help provide solutions to unique installation problems. Simply ask your technician about a particular products installation and they will provide you with the ideal installation configuration, additional solutions to difficult installations as well as recommendations whether to install yourself or have a contractor install your products.

Question: How do I purchase All Noise Control product and what are typical production times?

Answer: You have already taken the first step the solving you acoustical problem, so what is the next step is ordering! After speaking with a technician for a complete solution to you noise control situation, you can simply order on the phone with them. You can also fax a P/O to (561) 964-9359, ATTN: Sales. ANC can ship directly to you worldwide. Depending on the product, it may take as little as a week or up to 5 weeks to ship your product due to manufacturing and production schedules. Some of our products are in stock. From there you can install your product according to our installation instructions and begin to enjoy your acoustic results! Need something quicker? Expediting is available.

Question: Is rush production and shipping available?

Answer: Yes, to both. If your situation needs our products immediately, all ANC products can be expedited to one week production time with expediting fees. You can also have your order next day or 2 day shipped to you. Please be sure to inform your technician you will need this service.