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Noise Pollution Control in Churches

After much research, I made a shocking discovery. Over 70% of noise pollution in cities around the world comes from religious houses. Many government officials as well as neighborhood residents are looking into urban development and physical planning to sanction churches and mosques that openly disregard noise pollution laws. Church noise is increasingly becoming a nuisance for some neighbors because of loud music. The use of high-decibel musical instruments such as electric guitars, horns, and drums along with loud choirs in church bands is said to be the main problem. Some churches are being cited for violations of city nuisance laws and are being sued for non-compliance.

By using Acoustical Soundproofing products in places of worship can reduce levels of church generated noise and the sound levels of music. Acoustical Soundproofing/Absorbing products also improve the quality of sound for the listener by reducing background noise. Most importantly, Acoustical Soundproofing products will reduce noise complaints from nearby neighbors.

This type of acoustic need requires special attention and knowledge to the nuances of voluminous spaces & hard surfaces, especially in the new architectural designs. This excessive space allows for significant reverberation, also known as echoes. Reverberation can reduce the speech legibility and can make otherwise good church sound systems sound awkward. The complex nature of noise control and acoustical solutions for these problems require expert knowledge which All Noise Control has.

There is a difference between noise control or sound control and “church acoustics”. Our experts realize that simply absorbing excess sound is not the simple approach for church acoustics. Noise control solutions ideally need to be configured by All Noise Control technicians to provide the proper solution.

Many contractors installing these systems may not realize that reverberation time ideal for music can make the spoken word difficult to understand. The structural differences of these spaces and their contents make custom acoustic solutions for your project necessary, not to mention the aesthetics in the typical Church / House of Worship.

There is no one size fits all for church acoustics and All Noise Control can help you outfit your environment with perfect harmony and balance that is demanded of church acoustics.

While we recommend you call to discuss with one of our Sound Specialists, you may review the list of products we do customize to solve acoustic problems in the church setting.