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Construction Noise Control

Construction site noise can pose special problems for controlling noise control. Several different factors can contribute to construction noise such as weather, atmosphere, landscaping, and construction noise makers, e.g., earth moving equipment. Noise pollution can cause harmful effects such as speech interference, hearing loss, raise stress levels, and sleep disturbances to name a few. Fortunately, there are many solutions and noise control products to maintain healthy noise levels. Construction Site Sound Curtains and Exterior Sound Absorbers are products that block sound outside and absorb sound inside.

All Noise Control offers several Noise Control Construction solutions to block construction noise for the biggest construction sites to small residential projects. Our composite products reduce noise transmitting from the source of the construction site.

Our acoustic enclosures can be used standalone or in conjunction with concrete barriers, can be supplied with “hoist able” frames for jack hammer noise, even hung from overhead highway structures or fastened to plywood walls on a construction site. These enclosures are incredibly durable, rugged, cost-effective and re-usable. We also offer weather proof and indoor/outdoor Acoustical Blankets that barricade walls to block sound from construction site to residential and commercial communities.  These properties make it a simple decision to incorporate these into construction projects.

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