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Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control – Sound is a constant in our day-to-day routine. Noise, however, is a sound which is undesirable and can lead to health complications. There are many causes of noise pollution on Industrial construction sites. Industrial machinery and operations contain various noise sources. This harmful noise generation is due to noisy operation processes and the equipment used such as electrical machines and internal combustion engines, etc. Industrial noise control is complex by nature. Prolonged exposure to noise in manufacturing & industrial industries can result in compromised verbal communication, fatigue, lower productivity & work-related hearing loss.

Noise Control utilizes strategies to reduce noise pollution or to reduce noise impact, for outdoor noise applications, industrial noise or indoor noise control. Noise is described as any sound in the acoustic domain both wanted and unwanted. While music and birds chirping are examples of wanted sounds, noise is more commonly used in reference to unwanted sounds such as traffic, airplane, industrial, and other annoying sounds. Noise does not have to be excessively loud to be annoying or cause interference. For Industrial and Manufacturer Noise Control we have designed Acoustic Curtain System are designed for the installation of acoustical curtain enclosures & fiberglass soundproofing blankets.

We Manufacture flexible and rigid Noise enclosure systems. Sound Curtains or Acoustic Blankets are flexible and can either be used independently or as part of an enclosure system. Custom-configured noise control enclosures are effective and economical method of noise reduction. Options include rooftop panels, grommets, view windows, sliding hinged and overhead doors, silencers, exhaust fans and more.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is the average of the absorption coefficients at the most common frequencies (250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz.) The NRC is often used to compare the acoustical performance of various materials. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a measurement of how much noise is stopped by a barrier or enclosure. It is an approximation of how much noise, in decibels, will be stopped by the material, assuming an airtight seal around the noise source. Sabin is a unit of sound absorption based on one square foot of material. Baffles are frequently described as providing x number of sabins of absorption based on the size of the baffle tested, through the standard range of frequencies (125-4000 Hz.).

Excessive noise in industrial and manufacturing settings not only reduces productivity, it puts workers’ health at risk, exposure to loud noise causes stress and fatigue that can lead to workplace injuries, as well as hearing loss. Reducing noise levels in commercial offices can be achieved by utilizing a variety of materials. Wall and ceiling mounted acoustic panels, hanging baffles and high performance ceiling tiles are commonly utilized to improve speech intelligibility and sound quality within commercial office environments. Call centers, conference rooms and open floor plan office settings require different noise absorption surfaces to achieve acceptable sound levels.

Industrial noise control is complex by nature. All Noise Control will deliver a cost-effective well planned soundproofing and noise control solution.

Industrial Facility Managers often contact All Noise Control to lower their noise levels within their facilities. We manufacture high performance industrial noise control products and noise control systems that is sued to solve most common and complex noise control applications.

Our engineered noise control solutions provide noise control solutions for plant managers to solve their industrial noise control problems.  Common noisy equipment such as Vacuums, industrial generators, blowers, vacuum pumps, stamping presses, air handling units and many others have been successfully treated with the below listed options.

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Noise Control

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Noise Control

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