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Industrial noise control options are great for plant engineers, safety coordinators, and plant managers to help solve their issue of in-plant noise control. Loud equipment such as blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, stamping presses, and air handling units have been treated successfully using some of the following options we offer. Most of our options are available in standard dimensions to accommodate facility budgets. All Noise Control can provide recommendations for products that are engineered to your specific sound control application. Additionally, All Noise Control can suggest employing the best practices to reduce noise and sounds in your facility.

Sound Enclosures

Sound Enclosures offer a high level of noise control and reduction. Sound Enclosures utilize modular steel panels with various constructions to meet equipment access, ventilation, and usable floor space needs. Sound Enclosures are manufactured to your specifications and are the best solution for industrial noise control.

Sound Curtains

Sound curtains are a very effective means to reduce noise and soundproof process machinery, compressors, pumps, or anything a facility would require noise control and access to equipment.

Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are a removable sound absorber that composites custom fabricated materials to snugly fit to a noise source and reduce sound and noise. This is a effective method where space and accessibility are at a premium.

Sound Barrier Walls

Sound barrier walls are used for the control of sound where a sound enclosure system is impractical or impossible. Sound barrier walls are made from modular steel panels and are typically structural steel columns. Sound barrier walls are a great solution for noise control on equipment applications.


Silencers are an effective way to solve airflow generated noise. Silencers are mounted in-line with ductwork or directly to the sound generating equipment. Silencers offer the highest level of sound absorption for air generated noise.

Duct Lagging

Duct lagging is a composite material that is typically used to wrap loud or noisy pipes and ducts. They block the noise that transmits through walls of the pipe or duct or other contents move through. 


Baffles are an economical method for sound absorption. Baffles are used where equipment access is at a premium and enclosures are not a practical solution. Baffles are typically ceiling mounted and available in standard or custom sizes.

Composite Foam

Composite foam is a very easy and effective way to control noise. Composite foam is used for lining existing machine cabinets or steel housings, this reduces unwanted noise. Composite foam is a simple solution for industrial noise control equipment.

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are an efficient, in-process solution for quality control parts and assemblies on a loud shop floor. Acoustic enclosures keep out unwanted sound so you can accurately test parts for a production line and meet your noise control needs.

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