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Measuring Sound Transmission

Measuring Sound Transmission – Taking measurement, a step further you must use Sound Transmission Class, or STC. This helps to determine the noise reduction amount needed to satisfy business requirements.

STC rating will denote several decibels that a partition, door, wall, or other interior configuration will reduce in each space. This is important, as knowing sound reduction capabilities of dividers will guide you in making better decisions about what to install to keep sound out.

  • Large STC ratings will need stronger sound reduction.
  • The measurement of the STC will help to determine what to use for soundproofing.
  • Use an amplified speaker to produce a broadband sound in each room.
  • Then measure the sound levels in each room and adjoining room.
  • Then calculate the reverberation of the first room to find your sound absorption.

Using Noise Reduction Materials

After the measurement of the space and sound of your office space, and the measuring of the STC readings it is time to think about what noise reduction materials and applications you would like to use. But keep in mind it is not solely the measurements that will be choosing the materials you will use. Dealing with soundproofing is a two-way street one half deals with the prevention of noise from entering the office, well the other deals with stopping sound from leaving an office. Each method requires a different application for soundproofing. One requires noise reduction, while the other requires sound absorption.