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Acoustical Wrap Barriers

Acoustical Lagging Products: Acoustical Wrap Barrier; Acoustical Pipe & Duct Material

Wrap duct lagging around noisy pipe and duct work to dramatically reduce the amount of noise transmitting through the walls or casing of duct-work, steel or PVC piping, valves, sheet-metal enclosures, plenums, VAV units and fans.

Our pipe & duct lagging is easy to cut, trim and install on any site and is ideal for industrial and residential noise alike. Simply wrap this acoustical pipe barrier around any cylinder containing noisy air or liquid flow, and tape the seams shut: you will see 15 to 20 decibel level drop in unwanted noise.Size: 54″ X 30’ 1″ thick.



This lagging is loaded vinyl noise barrier featuring a reinforced-foil facing (aluminum faced mylar) which readily accepts a matching tape. It is supplied in 4′ wide rolls, 30′ or 60′ long. Often specified or used when duct or pipe is already wrapped with standard insulation.




Acoustical lagging is the same product as above with a one-inch thick quilted fiberglass insulation bonded to the back of the barrier. This quilted fiberglass layer acts as a decoupler/sound absorber to improve overall noise reduction performance, as well as to offer thermal insulation (R-value = 5_. This version allows one-stop installation of acoustical/thermal insulation layer and noise barrier.



This lagging is the same product as above except with a two-inch thick quilted fiberglass decoupler/asorber. This increases noise reduction performance even greater -especially for low frequency noise problems. This version also increases the R-value to 9.




Duct Lagging Features
  • STC ratings fo 26-30
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Accepts matching tape
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Passes FMVSS 302, UL-94
  • High & Low Temperature Applications
  • Quilted fiberglass decoupler available

Installation Instructions:  Use tape or clamps to affix the duct lagging material around the circumference of your duct work or piping. Ask us about a mylar matching tape available to disguise the seams. This is sold in 54″ X 30 ft. roles as an add on product to the duct wrap. Simply wrap standard pipes or vents with this material. Cut to fit and wrap with matching tape. Custom wrap sizing is available upon request.Size: 4’ X 4’ standard.

Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
Acoustical Pipe
ANC-WBV 15 18 22 27 32 37 27
ANC-W21 18 18 23 30 39 46 29
ANC-W42 19 20 23 33 44 53 30
Physical Properties of Components
Product Weight Thickness Service Tempature Tensile Strength Tear Strength Elongation “R” Factor
ANC-WBV 1 lb. PSF .090″ Norm -10º to + 180ºF 400 PSI 72 40%
ANC-W21 2 lb. PSF 1″ Norm -20º to + 350ºF 4.0
ANC-W42 4 lb. PSF 2″ Norm -20º to + 350ºF 8.0
Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lagging Flammability Properties
Wrap Barrier UL94:Meets V0    FMVSS-302:Pass
“Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials”;
Meets Class A Rating: Flame Spread Index 12.5 :
Smoke Density Index 19.5